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«E-commerce Corp»

Online store on a turnkey basis with a working payment system.

Our e-commerce service includes everything from website development to online store building, payment methods implementation and shipment. We also offer continuous support in order to provide the best performance of the e-commerce website and the best possible investment return as the result of its use.

Due to our e-commerce service, businesses can look forward to an easy-to-use, secure and scalable online store for future growth.

Ready-made solutions

The examples of purchased licensed design (template) are given below. The template license price is included in this suggestion. The choice is not limited to these templates only, we will match a design specifically for your company, taking into account the corporate style and your completed brief.

  • Shops
  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Health and beauty
  • OtherМагазины-1-min.jpgМагазины-2-min.jpgМагазины-3-min.jpgМагазины-4-min.jpgМагазины-5-min.jpgМагазины-6-min.jpgМагазины-7-min.jpgМагазины-8-min.jpgМагазины-9-min.jpgМагазины-10-min.jpgМагазины-11-min.jpgМагазины-12-min.jpgМода-1-min.jpgМода-2-min.jpgМода-3-min.jpgМода-4-min.jpgМода-5-min.jpgМода-6-min.jpgМода-7-min.jpgМода-8-min.jpgМода-9-min.jpgМода-10-min.jpgМода-11-min.jpgМода-12-min.jpgТехнологии-1-min.jpgТехнологии-2-min.jpgТехнологии-3-min.jpgТехнологии-4-min.jpgТехнологии-5-min.jpgТехнологии-6-min.jpgТехнологии-7-min.jpgТехнологии-8-min.jpgТехнологии-9-min.jpgТехнологии-10-min.jpgТехнологии-11-min.jpgТехнологии-12-min.jpgКрасота-и-здоровье-1-min.jpgКрасота-и-здоровье-2-min.jpgКрасота-и-здоровье-3-min.jpgКрасота-и-здоровье-4-min.jpgКрасота-и-здоровье-5-min.jpgКрасота-и-здоровье-6-min.jpgКрасота-и-здоровье-7-min.jpgКрасота-и-здоровье-8-min.jpgКрасота-и-здоровье-9-min.jpgКрасота-и-здоровье-10-min.jpgКрасота-и-здоровье-11-min.jpgКрасота-и-здоровье-12-min.jpgРазное-1-min.jpgРазное-2-min.jpgРазное-3-min.jpgРазное-4-min.jpgРазное-5-min.jpgРазное-6-min.jpgРазное-7-min.jpgРазное-8-min.jpgРазное-9-min.jpgРазное-10-min.jpgРазное-11-min.jpgРазное-12-min.jpg

This package (suggestion) includes:

  • This package (suggestion) includes connection to these payment systems (PayPal, Square and Stripe)
  • Placement of up to 100 products for free (it is possible to add more products for additional payment)
  • Building up to 15 pages (it is possible to create more pages for additional payment)
  • Domain purchasing (.com)
  • Copywriting (website content)
  • Purchase of licensed photos (up to 20 photos)
  • The best design (template) option for your business activity, taking into account the completed brief and corporate style (logo color and font)
  • Purchase a licensed design (template) and its installation on the server
  • Design structure settings according to the client’s request
  • Website adaptation for mobile devices
  • Assistance in corporate e-mail connection (Google Workspace or Microsoft Outlook)
  • Website hosting (first year free)
  • Google Advertising Service (first month free)
  • One year of free content support. You can submit 4 content change requests per year (up to 10 change items per request)

You can also order a personal (custom) website design from us. The price of that custom project depends on the functionality and the number of the website pages. For more information, you can write to our project manager.

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